Does carmax offer good deals

Is CarMax a Good Place to Buy a Car?

  1. CarMax Review: Do They Make it Easier to Buy a Used Car?
  2. Don't Get Sucked Into The CarMax Marketing Machine
  3. Selling a Car to CarMax: Good Deal or Not?

Since that time, this dealership has grown to become a Fortune company with over used car stores across the country.

CarMax Review: Do They Make it Easier to Buy a Used Car?

Shopping for a Car? Why Not Shop for Car Insurance? Save Some Money Today! We spoke with a few buyers and sellers, and our general opinion is that yes CarMax is good.

Don't Get Sucked Into The CarMax Marketing Machine

The sellers enjoyed their car sales services because the price offered — while a bit under full value — was fair. The buyers liked the car buying experience because of the wide selection of vehicles, the fabulous customer service and the slightly more expensive, but easy, buying process. The CarMax extended warranty also came in handy for several of our happy customers.

Selling Your Car to CarMax vs Here's Why We're Different ...

One customer even spoke of it covering the cost for several expensive repairs soon after buying the car from them without harassing them about the problems. Then go for a test-drive. Plus, every car goes through an extensive inspection process and includes a day warranty 60 days in Connecticut, and 90 in Massachusetts and New York.

Change your mind?

Selling a Car to CarMax: Good Deal or Not?

CarLotz is a private seller on steroids. People and pets are beloved. Did I leave money on the table? Do I care? Not really.

CarMax Appraised My Old Mercedes Benz. My CarMax offer is....

Did I make selling my car out to be a bigger deal in my Monkey Brain than it probably would have been? It was worth it for me to skip all of that procedure, get a little less money, and wash my hands of my car. Poor old Green Bean. Faithful servant dropped off in the middle of the night into an enormous car factory without even a goodbye wave from its owner. Thanks John. Really had a great experience.


I was impressed by the low prices on relatively newer cars at Carmax compared to prices on used cars at brand dealerships. Rufus wrote on November 28, - pm Permalink. Nice ad for Carmax. Armen Hareyan wrote on November 28, - pm Permalink. I guess you are right Rufus. And I, as the admin of this page and the author, approved your comment. But what I wrote is true and my experience yesterday. I had no Carmax incentives to write this article.

In fact, yesterday, when the sales associate learned during the test driving of this Toyota Prius that I am a blogger, he asked me if I am going to blog about my experience. At that time I said "I don't know, and probably not. Cheng wrote on January 28, - pm Permalink.

Are you kidding me? CarMax is wayyyyyy overprice. Armen Hareyan wrote on July 18, - pm Permalink. I looked around almost all dealerships near me Cheng, but in our area CarMax prices were the best compared to Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Hyundai dealerships that I visited.

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